In an increasingly threatening world, Investigations Asia Protection Services are designed to assist you in keeping executives, celebrities, diplomatic staff, and VIP’s safe while traveling or working in South East Asia.

Although Investigations Asia is based in Bangkok, Thailand, our Protection Services are available throughout the whole of South East Asia.

As a member of International Security Organizations we can now call on the additional capabilities of other professional companies and individuals to ensure that our clients are offered the very best protection services available throughout our area of operation.


All of our close protection agents and strategic partners in the industry have an extensive working knowledge of the many countries in the South East Asian Region.

Our personnel are also briefed in advance on cultural, religious, ethnic protocols before every individual assignment.

With affiliated offices in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and India, we ensure safe passage for our charges anywhere in Asia.


Services to International Corporations and businesses include, Threat Assessments, Advance Security Surveys, Executive Protection Agents and Transport Support.

For celebrities and V.I.P.’s visiting Thailand or any other countries, we have the capability of full cover or bolstering security teams not familiar with the region. Assistance with Event Management and Event Management Security Teams are available on request.

For well heeled tourists vacationing in Asia with their families we also provide very discreet protective security at a distance, ensuring that a well earned rest can be enjoyed in safety with the knowledge that assistance is close at hand.


Additional Services

Investigations Asia can provide private airplane guarding services, residential and hotel suite security, and security trained drivers.

We also have the capability to “Sweep” hotel rooms and conference rooms for intrusive audio and visual surveillance devices.

If ground, air or sea transport is required Investigations Asia can provide liaison and support in these area