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Investigations Asia TSCM and Electronic Sweep Teams can undertake a comprehensive examination of your offices, business premises, home, or automobile to locate and neutralize any electronic eavesdropping devices.

Our sophisticated TSCM equipment can probe and monitor your environment without an unwanted third party being alerted.

Designated areas containing electronic circuitry are searched for RF, IF, and hard wired devices. Checks include telephone lines, fax machines, computers and automatic exchanges.

Use Technical Surveillance Counter Measures to ensure that your vital information and data remains safe. Investigations Asia recommends that companies should be debugged at least every quarter.


  • All types of telephone bugs, including parasitic series/current devices, and parallel voltage sensing bugs can be detected using our specialized telephone analyzer. Readings obtained are kept for evaluation and comparison on subsequent inspections.
  • On completion of a sweep a full report of our findings is provided along with recommendations on how to enhance your communication systems security and improve your overall business security.
  • Complete Discretion is guaranteed and inspections can be tailored to your requirements whether you are a large multi-national corporation or small business.