In Layman’s terms the term “Due Diligence” is often used to describe the process of acquiring information on a company or individual prior to making a business commitment or informed decision.

It is vital that before companies enter into business transactions, they have a clear understanding of the personal / business history of the parties involved.

As business opportunities with international partners continue to expand, doing business has never been so risky. In our experience a large number of company’s claims of performance and experience are inflated to say the least.

By identifying fraudulent dealings, poor performance and undisclosed civil or criminal litigation, Investigations Asia can assist your legal staff in gathering and verifying information and documents required to comply with local, national and international law.

Remember fraud and misrepresentations are not always obvious. By exercising caution and making informed decisions, companies can move forward, confident in the knowledge that they have made the decisions based on the best information available.



At some time in everyone’s life there comes a time when it is necessary to check out a business or individual for a variety of reasons. Our detailed background investigations offer a wide range of services from criminal, civil and marital record checks to pre-employment screening, verification of identity and validation of residence checks.

Bankruptcies, Liquidations, Court Judgments and Liens:

Records of court ordered financial obligations are obtained for companies and individuals alike.

Civil Records:

Records of parties who have been involved in civil litigation are acquired from local and provincial courts containing details of the disputes and settlements.

Corporations & Limited Company Registrations:

Records showing details company registration, shareholders listings and paid up capital are obtained.

Criminal Records:

Records of criminal convictions and outstanding arrest warrants can be obtained providing details of the criminal charges (Authorization required).

Marital Records:

Records of individual and multiple marriage records are obtained.

Personal Profiles:

Information is compiled from a variety of sources providing an insight into individuals’ habits, associations and past performance.

Medical Histories:

Records are obtained according to client’s instructions up to 10 years prior to request. (An authorization is normally required for this search)



Utilizing an extensive network of databases, local law enforcement sources, and experienced investigators we have had a high rate of success in locating missing persons.

We also locate:

  • Estranged family members / Runaways
  • Insurance beneficiaries
  • Heirs to estates

Using local, national and international genealogical databases, we assist law firms, banks, and insurers to trace family trees through several generations enabling the process of estate settlement.



Investigations Asia provides competitive intelligence analysis services to retailers, distributors, and multi-national companies.

Using publicly available information on the competition can assist your company in important decision making and gain an advantage in whatever line of business you are competing in.

Competitive Intelligence Analysis Services are now a strategic necessity in an ever increasingly competitive and quick changing global business environment.

Investigation Asia can assist your company in making sure you stay ahead of the game.