The addition of a security alarm system to your home or business is rated as the most effective deterrent to burglary.

Wireless security alarm and IP camera systems offered by Investigations Asia provide a less expensive alternative to systems offered by larger security outfits using hardwired models that require installation by a third party.

Investigations Asia in partnership with our sister company, Protect Asia Group brings high end security systems to the customer at affordable prices.

Our incident driven security systems provide safety for your families, your residences, your offices, and your staff.




Protect Asia Group has combined advanced alarm monitoring systems with the latest video surveillance technology and produced a powerful new security solution, which means we can now offer our customers alarm video verification to their PC’s or mobiles as the event is happening.

Camera Feature Highlights

  • No DVR or NVR Required
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • View cameras live on Iphone or Android Smartphones
  • Innovative Web Based Video Management System (VMS)
  • Integrates with Alarm Systems
  • True Plug & Play Camera Technology
  • Notification by SMS & E-mail

Interactive Video Home & Office Security Solutions

The customized Securenet Network Cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor use and can be used wired or wireless. Protect Asia's Interactive Video allows you to get an instant picture of what is happening in your home or business 24 hours, 7 days a week, with on-demand video.

Enhance your security with our pan and tilt and zoom video cameras, get archived clips, event notifications, and automatic recording when movement is detected.

With Protect Asia Interactive Video Services, knowing your family of business is safe and secure is just a click or two away!!

At Home

Check on maids, baby sitters, children, elderly relatives, and even pets, by accessing your home's secure LIVE video feed while at work or even on holiday.

Protect Asia makes it easy to add video home security into your house today.

At Work

Deter theft and violence in the workplace, observe employees work ethics, keep an eye on your company product line, or cashiers in bars and restaurants, all just by accessing your secure video feed online, anywhere and at anytime.

With Protect Asia, you can easily afford to keep an extra eye on your business with our Interactive Video Services.

Mobile Interactive

Whether you are traveling for work, at work, or heading to the beach for some relaxation, we find ourselves spending less and less time at home. Unfortunately, not being there makes it a perfect time for a burglar to strike.

Protect Asia makes it easy to check in at any time, and anywhere with our smart phone app. Just click the Protect Asia icon and you can view your own live feed from your home security cameras.