Surveillance Services

Investigations Asia surveillance teams can provide round the clock monitoring and reporting on disgruntled employees, business associates, competitors, insurance fraudsters and others.

Using the latest audio-visual digital equipment our field operatives conduct discreet surveillance, comprehensive reporting and photographic surveys.

Clients have the choice of digital photographs or date time stamped video with or without audio.

Surveillance rates can be obtained on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. A minimum charge of 4 hours plus travel time is required to utilize our surveillance services.


Mystery Shopping

Is your product placement and display the way it should be?

Are the sales staff promoting your product successfully to customers?

Mystery shopping is used by a variety of industries such as airlines, convenience stores, department stores, financial institutions, gas stations, retail outlets, restaurants, travel and the entertainment business, etc.

Investigation Asia mystery shoppers are adept at visiting or calling businesses and providing detailed evaluations and reports based on their experience.

If your company needs experienced mystery shoppers to give you an instant snapshop of what is happening in your stores, please do not hesitate to contact us!!


Brand Protection

Your Brand is a lot more than just a logo !!

Branding can refer to just about anything associated with your business, including the name of your business, slogans, logos, colors, fonts, domain names; the list goes on.

You need to protect your Branding from people looking to either defraud your customers, or use your good image to lull others into thinking that their business is your business, and walk away with your customers.

Investigations Asia Private Detectives and undercover operatives can help in protecting your brand by infiltrating counterfeiting factories, obtaining video evidence of fraudulent use of your brand and reporting